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how hard is it to be a designer and a cool makeup artist

i love making scary make up it is cool and is seems fun to m ake people look so freaky and scary #nightmares #cosmetology #art #artist #fashion #design

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3 answers

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Christina’s Answer

If you know you like scary and freaky makeup, why not start by sharing how you make those freaky make on social media first? I am sure people will be happy to see it if you are really passionate about doing it and sharing it. And I believe from the way you shared , you can get more responses and feedback by others which will help in development of your skills .

You may also make freaky makeup needs according to some themed parties, halloweens, festivals and share it on social media. As time goes by you will gain more exposure on those platforms that people will remember you and pay you for your skills in case they need it.

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Jayesh’s Answer

Its not that hard and it will depends on your interest and passion about the work that you are doing. The dedication towards works make you the cool makeup artist.

All the best!!

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Jeremy’s Answer

If its a passion and you have the drive and work ethic, you will make it in, do the research find people in this field, ask to shadow them so you can see what it takes.

Jeremy recommends the following next steps:

Research your field
Find people doing scary make up art
Contact them or that person and ask to shadow them if they're in your area. If not in the area, ask them what is it like, in that particular field.