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Christina Wong

Sales and Related Occupations
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Sakshi’s Avatar
Sakshi Jun 18, 2020 1055 views

I wan to know whats the right career for me.

I love performing but i am not confident. I am good at maths. i am also moody. #career-choice #career-choice #career

Toluwanimi’s Avatar
Toluwanimi Jun 23, 2020 651 views

Do you need an iPad + stylus to be successful in the med school in the US?

I frequently watch "day in the life of a med student" videos on YouTube and every med student seems to have one. #medicine #doctor

Ave’s Avatar
Ave Sep 16, 2019 514 views

how hard is it to be a designer and a cool makeup artist

i love making scary make up it is cool and is seems fun to m ake people look so freaky and scary #nightmares #cosmetology #art #artist #fashion #design

a’s Avatar
a May 25, 2016 909 views

how we can know painting

i want to know painting #painting

vi ’s Avatar
vi Jun 22, 2016 838 views

what careers do you recommend i look into it .Im really good at ART

my name is VI . i born in Viet Nam and when 14 years old i moved to U.S with parents.i could speak vietnamese and litlle Cantonese .when i went to high school interesting with art but the most of my favorite job is work at police station but i dont know what can i do to became that even i dont...

Jacob’s Avatar
Jacob Jan 16, 2018 787 views

Is duel majoring worth it?

I am wondering because I want to major in art, because I love art, but I also want to major in business, because I want to open a restaurant or a small business. Thank you. #art #student #business #duelmajor

ivan’s Avatar
ivan May 01, 2019 594 views

is shading needed when drawing ???????????????????????????

#art i needto Know

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 03, 2020 2480 views

Has making your hobby and passion, specifically art, as your career, ruined your enjoyment for it?

I have always loved making art and have been told by many that I should go into a line of work with art involved. However, I fear that once it becomes an assignment or requirement, I will find inspiration hard to come by and will no longer enjoy it; therefore, not doing my best work. #art #career

Sheyenne’s Avatar
Sheyenne May 26, 2016 1818 views

How do you start a modern art gallery?

I am interested in owning an art gallery. What steps can I take to achieve this? #art #museum #gallery

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Mar 31, 2020 801 views

What advice do you have for an emerging artist entering the freelancing industry?

#art #artist #graphic-design #freelance #creative #fine-art #design

jacob’s Avatar
jacob Oct 21, 2019 1251 views

what carrer is right for me

I hope to do somthing in film studdies #film

Coleton’s Avatar
Coleton Apr 04, 2020 693 views

how can an artist make it life when no one buys his art

I'm #psychology a writer and visual jockey #writing #art #artist #creative-writing

Amulya’s Avatar
Amulya Apr 15, 2020 723 views

What is the perfect job for someone who likes physics and art?

#art #graphic-design #physics #artist #research #engineering #pleasehelp

Mr’s Avatar
Mr Jun 26, 2019 425 views

What are some steps to becoming a successful jewelry designing?

#lifeee #jewelry #rose gold