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Is duel majoring worth it?

Asked San Antonio, Texas

I am wondering because I want to major in art, because I love art, but I also want to major in business, because I want to open a restaurant or a small business. Thank you. #art #student #business #duelmajor

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Andy’s Answer

Hi Jacob,

Majoring in business can certainly aid in being an artist. Many artists end up being contract workers and have to treat themselves as small businesses. So not only could your business major benefit you in opening a restaurant, it could help your art career as well.

Having said that, taking on a double major is a lot of work, especially if they're in completely different fields. Your class load will be heavy and difficult but if you stick with it you can be well positioned for your future career.

One thing to consider is that such disparate majors might not be good in the same school. A school known for its art program might not have a particularly strong business school and vice versa.

Alternatively, you can pursue an undergraduate major in one field of study at one school and then get a master's degree in something else somewhere else. Many people go back to school to earn their MBA (master of business administration) after working in one field for a while. Of course that means more years of schooling but it would allow you to focus on one discipline at a time.

From personal experience, I majored in biology for my undergraduate degree as UC Berkeley before getting my MFA (master of fine arts) later from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. It took longer than if I had double majored but I feel like I received a better education in each since I could focus on them individually.

As you can see in these lists, there isn't a lot of overlap for business and art. Columbia and Yale seem to be the only ones in the top 10 that are strong in both. While these are lists for graduate degree programs they can be indicative of the caliber of their undergraduate programs as well.

Top Graduate Business Schools:


Top Graduate Art Schools:


Andy recommends the following next steps:

  • See if you can find a school that is well regarded in both fields that you're looking to pursue
  • Look at schools that are strong in one discipline or the other and compare
Thank you very much.