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How did you decide what to specialize in?

I know for sure I want to major in psychology and I want to be a therapist but Im not sure which direction to go with it. #psychology #therapy #counselor #counseling #career

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

Many people decide what to specialize in by shadowing other healthcare providers. My sister worked as a psychologist in a prison, but also shadowed the psychiatrist who practiced there. Ultimately, she decided that she would pursue a career in psychiatry because she was more interested in his role than her own.

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Milagros’s Answer

Hi Annie. I love this question because I also didn't know what to do after my BA in Psychology. I went to a panel of professionals in college and heard about Rehabilitation Counseling. In that master program you learn about working with people with all types of disabilities, physical, mental, cognitive, etc. I work for the state now and help people with different disabilities make career choices, I assess them and see if they can work and what types of jobs they could do depending on their strengths and limitations. I work with HS students that have IEP or 504 plans and help them with the same. I learned about Assisting technology, home modifications, vehicle modifications, disability rights, etc.

Milagros recommends the following next steps:

Go to a panel of professionals
Use: https://www.onetonline.org/
Ask people about their work experience in the field of psychology

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Annie’s Answer

In school you will complete internships and practicums which will expose you to different fields and populations. Also, any interests you currently have can provide direction. Knowing what you don’t like is as important as realizing what you do.

Also, sometimes when something is difficult it’s because we are learning. So if a field or age group is tough, don’t give up. All experience is learning and growth!

You got this!!!

thank you ! jaylicianna C.

You’re so welcome! Best of luck to you! Annie M