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Is it true that nursing school is very competative?

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2 answers

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Kerri’s Answer

Yes, it is true that nursing school is very competitive. Nurses are in high need and this is well known, thus many students choose to enter a nursing program. There are many schools that offer wonderful programs, but often the ability to enter the school can come with a wait. There are things called “wait lists” that allow students to enter the program upon an available spot. These lists can be long and the criteria and promise of entering can be vague. This leaves many without options when seeking out a nursing education.

It doesn’t mean that your acceptance will always be put to a waitlist. I would suggest to apply to many schools. This will give you some options in case this problem arises.

I also suggest applying to non traditional schools (schools that offering nursing programs only). If they are accredited and have good pass rates for their NCLEX exam, then really it’s up to you if it happens. I chose this path, as I didn’t want to waste time applying and find I am out towards a waitlist. I put in the work and didn’t cut corners. I got an amazing education with experiences that have supported me as a new nurse.

Best of luck to you!

Kerri recommends the following next steps:

Keep a good GPA
Get involved in your community
Check into colleges that offer nursing programs and determine their requirements
Apply to many schools, as this will allow you to determine what school will offer admission without being in a waitlist. Don’t be afraid to apply to schools with an “untraditional” program.
Check the school passing rates as well as their NCLEX pass rates. Choose the school that will provide you with the tools and experience that will assist you in earning both your degree and license.

It is very competitive to get into a good nursing school. There are many more applicants than spots. You can set yourself apart from other applicants by having strong science grades and completing all of the prerequisite requirements in advance. Follow the application instructions exactly and check to make sure all your transcripts are in the Admission's system. You would be surprised at how many applicants have incomplete applications. Jana Nelson

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Darleana’s Answer

Yes it is very competitive. Nursing schools pick the candidate with the highest GPA with the hopes that that person will be successful in the program and pass the State Boards the first time. Nursing schools keep their accreditation according to Curriculum and State Board Passing.