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What drove you to become a cook/chef?

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3 answers

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Junnie’s Answer

Dear Anastasia,

Love to eat! LOL... I love food! There's a Chinese proverb, people treat food as the sky; it is important.
Our body need to nourish with food, in order to stay healthy and well.

Culinary is also art and science. There are a lot of knowledge in food preparation; how to prepare food to bring the best nutrients.

Food preparation need to consider the cleanliness, cooking method, texture, and the presentation. These are all very detail that need lots of considerations.

When you are good at your job being a chef, it is a very satisfactory moment to see your guests enjoying your food.

I've been cooking and baking since I was 7 years old. I love the challenge, looking forward to bake a perfect chocolate cake, and learning how to decorate them. I love the challenge to master a kitchen skill, knife skill, to prepare a delicious dish to share with my family. This is my passion!

I hope you'll find your passion too!

Good luck dear!

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Tsutomu’s Answer

I just watched one Japanese TV serials by "Kimura Takuya“ named "Grand Maison Tokyo". In the serials , Kimura is Chef of 3 stars Micheal Restaurant. Even I am not new for cooking world, I was impressed by that serials and start to learn cooking by joining weekend cooking school, borrow cooking book from library. The most important thing is that I am starting to practice at home :)

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Mellissa’s Answer

My love for people and food!!

Mellissa recommends the following next steps:

Finish High School find a good accredited culinary school that has a lot to offer with personable instructors. Not drill sergeants ones that talk, act and realize that e are all human and life happens and NO ONES LIFE IS PERFECT. They will also recall their own hardships fitting their own personal studies in school and be more understanding if issues should arise.