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What are the best/most fulfilling parts of your job?

Knowing the good that can come from a job in this profession would really help me to understand if I’m up for the challenge. #counselor #mentalhealth #psychology #career #career-counseling

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4 answers

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Katya’s Answer

Hi Lailaa, the most fulfilling part of my job-there are many aspects to it.

For example, part of what I do and the company I work-allows me to give back to our communities. I absolutely love and enjoy doing it. I take time to educate youth all the way to the seniors about financial literacy and I always found it a remarkable satisfaction.

Second, I enjoy working with my team-

Third-I absolutely proud to be part of my company because of so many benefits they have to their associates and how they care for us. During these difficult times- my company went above and beyond to take care of every associate. . My leadership has been nothing but extraordinary supportive and continues to be-and after 20 years of experience -this makes a huge difference why I love my job.

I enjoy reaching team goals, I take time to get to know my team and I help them be visible and I recognize them and give them an opportunity to succeed and grow further. Every associate that I had promoted weather it’s was within or outside based on their individual decision-I take pride seeing that I was part of their career growth and they thank me.


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Bettye’s Answer

The most rewarding aspects of Counseling is the golden opportunity to apply my skills to deftly and effectively assist others to courageously look deeply within and assess who they are and what makes them tick! It’s a brave and lifelong journey of self reflection and discovery that should be never-ending❣️

Bettye recommends the following next steps:

Begin to journal each day’s feelings and activities. There are none that are too mundane. At the end of the week assess where you are and identify patterns that need eliminating or improving.
Then make a chart of positive and negative patterns that either enhance or impede your growth. Therein lies your road map for personal/professional growth and development

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Kevin’s Answer

I work in the HR Profession. The best part of my job, is enabling others to realize their full potential. Whether it's something as simple as helping a student build out their LinkedIn Profile (this is SO important...get on LinkedIn!), or coaching a leader or colleague on handling a tough situation or career move, it's incredibly rewarding to know you are helping someone realize their full potential.

Just a side note/suggested next step: As I stated above, getting on LinkedIn and building a profile is so important. As a recruiter, we find a significant portion of our candidates to fill jobs on LinkedIn. So making sure you have an LI profile that reflects your experience and career aspirations, is critical as you begin your career (maybe even more important then your resume).

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Rachel’s Answer

I enjoy operating on a patient and providing an almost immediate fix to what was previously a life-threatening problem. There is great satisfaction that comes with taking a person from "cancer patient" to "survivor".