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Where is the best place an internship for Biology or Marine science ?

I am planning to either major in Biology or Marine Science when I go off to college. I was wondering if there were interesting internship to apply for that will give me more experience so I can narrow which field I want to specifically major in. I am hoping to find a science that i can fall in love with and create a career out of. #professor #biology #scientist #marine-biology #molecular-biology #cell-biology

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Janine’s Answer

Since you know that you want to work in the sciences, the best thing to do is to find a local aquarium, zoo, or science center and volunteer in various areas so that you can learn about the different things that interest you. Taking a variety of classes while completing your diploma or undergrad prerequisites is also a good way to explore a variety of topics as well.

Internships are usually geared towards people who have an idea of what they are interested in as they can be intensive. Determining the best place for an internship would depend on what you are interested in studying. There are a wide variety of internships for biology and marine biology - they are also all over the world, so you can meet new people, see new places, and learn about science.