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what are some technological tools i should be familiar with for being a rehabilitation therapist?

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3 answers

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Morgan’s Answer

Typically, each clinic may have its own specific software to use for recording notes about each patient interaction. I occasionally will need to write letters of medical necessity, therefore using Microsoft Word. Certain tests and measures will also use different software programs.

There are a variety of technologies available for the various rehab disciplines, and not all are widely used by each profession, or consistent across fields. I have had the opportunity to work with underwater treadmills, automated balance machines, a mechanical exoskeleton that assists people with walking, and special goggles for viewing eye movement. I’ve heard of virtual reality being used, as well as video games to promote movement. Technology is changing every day, and so is the way it is used in rehabilitation!
technology really is setting specific , I have been a home care physical therapist for almost 30 years, electronic medical records are everywhere and you can adapt to what is in your setting . We have used video games like Wii to simulate sports activities and stationary resistance training devices are varied. The thing that makes it medical is monitoring vital sign responses and how that changes with medication regimens and disease specific parameters. Something as simple as a low temperature can indicate a fungal infection in transplant patients. So, study your pathology materials well. Claire Mullin
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Maryann’s Answer

Some technological tools used in PT can be:
1. Balance devices like wedges.
2. Sensory products like manual muscle tester.
3. Reflex tester like hammers.
4. Work tables like treatment table.
5. Action games like Wii to improve balance
6. Medical software like the ones that help you with documentation.

If you work in an office you should know office programs and computer skills.

Hope this helpt you.
All you need to do is wanting to learn and help others.
It's a nice and rewarding profession.
You will always have a job

Best wishes!
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Kelshia’s Answer

To make evaluations physical therapists use balance devices, devices for perceptual and sensory evaluation, instruments to test range of motion, reflex hammers, work tables and medical software.
The exact instruments can vary depending on the financial resources of the office or agency, advancement in the field, and advancement in computer technology.