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Christian P. Jan 27, 2020 106 views
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What is the most challenging part of your job as physical therapist?

I already know is hard sometimes, but I want to know the most challenging part of this career....


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Isis G. Apr 20, 2020 132 views

What is the average amount of salary physical therapists get a year?

I am a sophomore in high school that has always been interested in the partake in becoming a physical therapist. I play soccer, and actually seen physical therapists do their jobs especially when I broke my arm and they helped me recover. Despite the fact that I want to become a physical...

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Jessica H. Jul 20, 2020 69 views

Do babies go to physical therapy?

I like working with babies and was wondering if I can combine that with my interest in physical therapy...


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Dexter W. Oct 29, 2020 64 views