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Education and rehabilitation
Austell, GA
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Jacoby B. Jan 17, 2018 410 views

How can one create an original voice in applying for college?

When students are applying for college, most have the same mindset of haveing to use “loaded language”. How can I single myself out even if I feel all options are college-admissions college-applications...


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Jacquelyn B. Apr 16, 2018 436 views

What are appropriate questions to ask during and interview?

I want to hire someone for a job but I'm not quite sure what the est things to ask them are. What should I ask the person ? What are some common Interview questions? interviewing-skills hiring...


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Cerissa D. Aug 10, 2018 391 views
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carissa V. Oct 30, 2019 197 views

Are there related field i migh want to look into?

I'm a student at Job Corps. I would like to know more about being a Rehabilitation Technician because I want to be able to help people. medicine...


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Orlando S. Mar 03, 2020 423 views

Why are you the best welding candidate for us?

I put all my effort and I also accept new challenges when it comes to work welding welder...