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Does Accounting offer many job opportunities once you've graduated?

Asked Dallas, Texas

I am asking this question because I am pursuing a business degree but not sure which part of business I want to major in. I have come up with two and Accounting is one of them. #business #accounting

4 answers

Vikas’s Answer

Updated Washington

Absolutely. I truly feel that accounting majors with just an undergraduate have more job offers than any other business major. I was an accounting Major and although it was a Master's in the late 80's I had three job offers although we were heading into a recession. Also my friend who were finance, marketing or management majors were not getting that many opportunities. Three decades later I believe it is still the case even though there has been a lot of consolidation in the Big 8 accounting firms to now just Big 4. Also as an accounting major I feel you are well prepared to take any business role as understanding numbers, cash flow , balance sheets you are equipped to make smart decisions as an entrepreneur if you choose to have your own business or even if you work for a big Corporation

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Rose’s Answer

Updated Ashburn, Virginia

There are lots of jobs available, and you can take an accounting major in myriad directions. I started in financial services, went to retail/wholesale, then manufacturing, then technology. The substance of my work has shifted a little bit in each role, as I took on stretch assignments and learned what interests me. As a student, I expected to work in public accounting, and people assume that all CPAs have done so. Because my school did not have a recruiting program and I lived in a remote, almost rural, area those jobs were out of scope for me. I did start working a month after graduation, but if I could go back, I would research specific companies and make myself available for relocation.

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Christine’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
I agree with the two previous responses. I encourage many business majors to consider focusing on accounting because of the opportunities it will afford you. (And I'll note that I work for a Big Four and can see those opportunities first hand.) Best of luck with your considerations!

Julie’s Answer

Hi Jasmine -

Choosing accounting as a major does offer lots of opportunities post graduation. Many graduates choose to go into large public accounting firms and are looking to become CPAs. There is also opportunity to work in banks, smaller tax/accounting firms and investing depending on what you would like to do. Having an accounting degree gives you a great base knowledge for business and would provide a lot of opportunities. Good luck!

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