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if I miss the deadline for admissions can I still talk to the office of admissions and get accepted?

I have applied and gotten accepted to rutgers university and penn state university, although both of thee universities are a bit expensive for me, so i was wondering if I could request the office of admissions for George mason university and Virginia commonwealth university for admission even though their deadlines have passed. I live 20 minutes away from George mason and can drive to the admissions office and i am willing to drive to the VCU admissions office.
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6 answers

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Angela D.’s Answer

Micah was spot on with his advice, Krishigan! Just another thought, if admission to George Mason or Virginia Commonwealth is not possible at this time due to deadlines, you can attend a community/technical college in the meantime and apply for the following year. Since you've already been accepted to Rutgers and Penn State, your qualifications must be stellar. Plus, transfer students are evaluated differently (more favorably) than first time freshmen because they have a track record of success at the college/university level, especially if you plan your coursetaking carefully with your academic counselor with an eye to transfer. This will also be a wise financial choice. Just don't lose sight of your goals and continue to seek excellence in your grades (GPA). Local community colleges near George Mason/Virginia Commonweath are listed below, in no particular order. Check out their ratings, especially for the major(s) that you want to pursue. Wishing you every success in your endeavors, Dr. B

Northern Virginia Community College
Montgomery College
College of Southern Maryland
Prince George's Community College
Howard Community College
Germanna Community College
Frederick Community College
Anne Arundel Community College

Angela D. recommends the following next steps:

Consider a community college in the meantime to applying to George Mason & Virginia Commonwealth

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Natasha’s Answer

Given the current state of adjustments that institutions of higher learning have had to make this Spring, perhaps it is worth contacting their office to understand if they are still accepting materials/applications. It might depend on how far from the deadline at this point (as April starts) and perhaps on the volume of applicants, acceptances for the specific program or school of studies being selected.

Having worked at the Admissions office of one my schools, the timeline of the process is usually adhered to, but these are unusual times for the education sector (perhaps, they will be amenable this time?).

Contact them and make an appointment if the administrative offices are open this week/month (have all of the application materials ready; if you're going there, you might as well hand them in?).

Good Luck and Stay Well,

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Micah’s Answer

Hi Krishigan,

Sometimes colleges will extend their application deadlines for students. When this happens, the college usually updates their website to reflect this change. I encourage you to reach out to the admissions counselors (of both schools) for your region. Introduce yourself, explain your situation, and inquire about what your options are. This will allow you to build a personal connection with a representative of the school(s) that you are interested in for now and the future.


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Sheila’s Answer

Hi Krishigan:

I suggest that you contact the college and inquire about their deadlines. You've received some great advice shared by the CV Professionals, especially Micah. Best of luck to you!

~ Sheila

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Tonisha’s Answer

I always recommend to still apply contact the Office of Admissions and ask if the deadlines posted are hard or soft application deadlines. If they are soft deadlines meaning there's some flexibility with accepting late applications, I encourage you to apply.

I hope this helps

Tonisha Via. M.A. Doctoral Candidate

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Estelle’s Answer

It can't hurt to try! Also, if cost is an important issue for you, consider taking classes at a community college for a year or two. This can be extremely valuable in avoiding crazy student loans.