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How to attain work-life balance?

I think to obtain a healthy work balance life you have to have great time management and great organization skills to prepare your day ahead daily so no hard Challenges will occur multiple times. Chris J.

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10 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

I think the key to really achieve work/life balance:

-work only when scheduled/ or if school work from home set a designated schedule for yourself ex from 9am-11am will work on english paper 11-12pm will do yoga: (set boundaries between work and other tasks and when working try to stay away from distractions such as tv, phone, and other ppl--if not avoidable use headphones to clear noise!)

- time management: when starting your day make a physical or mental list of what needs to be done, then divide the list into 4 sections (the 4 D's) 1.) what can I DO NOW 2.) what can I DO LATER 3.) what can I DELEGATE 4.) what can I DELETE?

Really planning but also following through and implementing that plan will help relieve stress and get you on a schedule where you can have that ultimate work/life balance! Google calendar has been a great resource to keep me on track!

Really like the 4-section review list. Daniel Indish

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Nassia’s Answer

Balancing work-life responsibilities can be challenging for many people. Staying on track of your time management, organizational skills, and other responsibilities is crucial to keeping that balance. Try to take a few minutes to audit your time. Set a schedule for the activities you are willing to invest time in and stick to it. Make sure that you are taking your personal physical and mental health as a priority. I would recommend taking a look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and take that into consideration.

Very good, concise thoughtful answer. Daniel Indish

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Sudha’s Answer

I've personally found that these work for me:

1. Build a routine. Stick to it as much as you can.
2. Be conscious of time. Keep a calendar. Review it every night before you go to bed, so you know what to expect the next day.
3. Prioritize - both for personal and professional tasks. Weed out the unnecessary things you do. you will find that you actually have a lot more time than you think.
4. Schedule a little "me time" everyday. I find that I'm far more willing to push myself, when I build these little pockets during the day.

Above all, give yourself a break! Don't beat yourself up if things are not always perfect, everyday.

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David’s Answer

Part of finding a good work-life balance involves understanding how you react to both internal and external expectations, I find. There isn't one accountability system that works for everybody. I highly recommend reading or at least checking out the "Four Tendencies" by Gretchen Rubin (and taking the free quiz: https://gretchenrubin.com/books/the-four-tendencies/intro/) because it helps you understand how you did/didn't keep to a good habit that you wanted to keep, and how to put yourself in the right situation for success. Another is Atomic Habits by James Clear, also another good resource on how to increase the probability of success in structuring your life the way you want. For both, there are good podcasts out there with those authors that give a good summary (choosefi, for example).

Overall, the first step is identifying what is important to you, and then putting in place structures that keep you accountable. A key point is that you don't have to be 100% successful, but that you keep the mindset that every time you keep the good habit (maybe exercising before work in the morning, or putting away the phone/laptop a hour before bed) is a vote for the person you want to be, and are.

Hope this helps.

David recommends the following next steps:

Listen to: https://www.choosefi.com/four-tendencies-and-fi-with-gretchen-rubin/
Listen to: https://www.choosefi.com/atomic-habits-james-clear/

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Punam’s Answer

Everyone has 24 hours in a day but some gets more done in the day than the others. The key to maintaining a healthy work/life balance is self-awareness and having time management skills. I'm sharing few that I use

1. Plan your day in advance
2. Use time boxing method to stay focused
3. Learn the art of prioritization and lean to say "No"
4. Be punctual and rest everyone else time
5. Set the deadline for your tasks/goals
6. Put tasks on your calendar
7. Delegate things if you can
8. Don't waste time, identify why time is wasted
9. Time buffering - keep the margin when allocating time for a task
10. Keep importance of your own time

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Dennis’s Answer

Karen the balance of work/personal time is important. Strive to keep a good balance with both - Exercise after or before work is a great for your well being as well as your mind. Stay Busy Stay Active even if in your Community - There's a good balance for everyone - they just need to find it and keep it as level throughout! Good Luck!

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Priyanka’s Answer

Work/Life balance is very important if you have to be successful in your career and to have strong personal relationships. I would recommend you to start your work at right time and prioritize tasks.Stay active and try to complete the work in week days so that you get most of your time for your personal stuff in weekend.

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Estelle’s Answer

This question is tricky in that every person has a different definition of what work life balance means. To some of my fellow doctors it means work crazy hours then go home to tuck the kids in. To me it meant that I would set my patient load at medium and have time to be home to fix dinner and help my kids with homework. Everyone has a different situation, depending on the type of job, pay, travel time to the job, kids vs no kids, partner vs no partner. Life is nothing but a balancing act from birth to death. Take care of your commitments (working to pay bills) , raise kids then make time for options in life like exercise , social media, entertainment.... Hope this helps.

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Jose’s Answer

Having a family with 3 kids and working full time it is very important to set aside that personal time and stick to it.

As some have mentioned in previous posts, it is very important to know how to manage your time in order to achieve that balance.
Managing my time allows me to finish my daily work at a decent time that allows me to spend quality time with my family.

I also fully disconnect from work when I'm done for the day, meaning I shut the laptop off, the work mobiles off and do not look or check them until I log back in for my work day.
If I do not do that, then work can really overtake a lot of my time.

Good luck!

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Jess’s Answer

I have found that holding myself accountable has helped a lot, meaning if you want to maintain friendships or relationships or join in on activities it's good to write things down or put a reminder in your phone. As working adults it can be hard to follow through on other personal commitments when you give a lot of your mental energy to your job or education.
It is always worth it to devote time in your day or through the week to do something that makes you happy and feel refreshed. Make a list of things that you enjoy and see how you can work that into your free time without feeling like you are doing too much.