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hannah Sep 23, 2021 444 views

What kind of clothes do you have to wear when taking pictures?

I am a 11 grade student in high school #student

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Imani Aug 08, 2021 484 views

How long do you typically go to college for if your career goal is a obgyn.

#medicine #career-choice #college

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KAREN Mar 21, 2020 1403 views

How to attain work-life balance?


Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Jan 28, 2022 550 views

What qualities do you look for in a friend or coworker?

#social-life #social #work #counseling #college #psychology

Staci’s Avatar
Staci Jan 16, 2018 554 views

Being home-schooled, will I have a hard time transitioning to college?

I've been home-school since the 7th grade because my family travels a lot. I'm worried that I will have problems transitioning because I haven't been in a classroom setting since the 6th grade. #college #future #life-transitions

Jeffrey’s Avatar
Jeffrey Jan 21, 2022 2948 views

How important are 12th grade second semester grades for colleges?

Looking online and asking friends and professionals, they tell me different things, such as how it doesn't matter or how important they are. The difficulty of my classes and my grades are causing a decrease in confidence, and how it will affect my colleges. #college #college-admissions...

Hope’s Avatar
Hope Oct 21, 2021 360 views

What does a teacher do?

I'm 13 years old #student

Brayan’s Avatar
Brayan Sep 22, 2021 486 views

What colleges are best for pursuing a career in Pharmacy? I prefer a private college but i'm interested in finding which is the best one for that career.

I want to know what college is the best for this career. I prefer one that a private since I want all my hard work to pay off. I'm thinking a retail pharmacist as a possible career. #college #career-choice

junhua’s Avatar
junhua Jan 22, 2022 463 views

What if I don't feel fit?

#college #career

Jabari’s Avatar
Jabari Nov 02, 2021 604 views

College work load?

#college #college-advice #student

banita’s Avatar
banita Sep 01, 2017 1038 views

What's it's like being in college?

everybody always says its fun and you get to do what you want but is it really all that's it cracked up to be. I wanna make the right decision and I know I have to experience it for myself but I still would Love some people opinions on it.#college-life #college #college-advice

Cole’s Avatar
Cole Jan 16, 2018 874 views

Regarding a roomate, what would be the proper etiquette on who should bring what?

Rooming with another person is a big change, so I was curious on how to best assign duties. #dorms #college #college-advice #Roommates #Housing #On-campus

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Oct 13, 2018 1668 views

Should I dorm with my best friend or with someone new?

My best friend and I have been best friends since elementary school. If we end up going to the same college together, should I dorm with her or try meeting someone new? I of course would still be close with her either way, so do I try to branch out or dorm with someone I already know?...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley Nov 05, 2021 758 views

What are the pros and cons of living on and off campus?

Which would be more convenient financially and environmentally? #college #dorms #college-advice #college-life