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What does a psychologist do everyday?

Asked West Valley City, Utah

I'm considering a career in psychology and I want to know more about it #medicine #psychology #social #psychiatry #criminal #social-skills #family-services

2 answers

Linda Ann’s Answer


There isn't a simple answer to your question because there are many different specialties within the field of psychology. I recommend that you explore the 54 different divisions within the American Psychological Association by going to their website: www.apa.org.

Click on the tab for "divisions" and then read what it says about each division to find out if what psychologists involved in that division actually do. Example, Division 14 is for Industrial-Organizational Psychology (I-O Psychology)

We, I-O Psychologists do NOT "do therapy." We work in businesses or non-profits or government, applying psychological principles to make the workplace better! Some of us might be engaged in developing and/or delivering training programs for new supervisors. Some of us might be involved in job analysis, test development and test validation for new hires for the company. Some of us might be involved in creating surveys of "job satisfaction" for different sectors of the business. Some of us might be involved in designing new organizational structures. That just a sampling of some of the tasks an I-O Psychologists might be involved with.

Some psychologists are employed in academic settings, e.g., colleges and universities, doing research and teaching. Some psychologists who are professors might also have a therapy practice "on the side" IF they are "clinical psychologists" licensed by the state in which they practice.

So, those are just two kinds of psychologists. Please explore more at the web site for the other types of psychology that might interest you.

Good luck with your career exploration. If you have more questions about I-O Psychology in particular, don't hesitate to ask a follow-up question.

Wael’s Answer

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