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On average, how many patients to you see on a work day?

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2 answers

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David’s Answer

Hello Elon:

I am not a dentist, orthodontist or any related dental industry profession but my family are and we also have dental clinic and we help run as well on our free time. So we always try to follow the ideal recommend number as well try to max see and schedule 8 to 12 patients per daily practice for each of our dentist and specialist. We always aim for max of 8 to 10 or less due to what the patient needs to be done as well as the amount of time they will be spending. But our clinic for each dentist and specialist on a average day is about 5 for schedule and maybe 3 or more for emergency case patient(s).

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Mohammed’s Answer

It varies a lot according to the place you work at and if you were a general dentist or a specialist.
Generally speaking, you see more patients if you work for a large corporate especially the ones that accept Medicaid programs, it could be anywhere between (10- 25) patients a day. Some private practices also may accept many HMO insurance plans and Medicaid plans so they can be as busy too.
some private practices, on the other hand, may not accept many insurance plans, or they do (fee for service), usually, these practices usually see fewer patients a day.
If you are a specialist you would also see fewer patients that a general dentist would do.

hope that helps!