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I am a second-year student of Bachelor of Accounting. Should I take some exams to upgrade myself, such as CSC and FRM?

Asked Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Because everyone wants to be more competitive. I think we should prepare early. #professor #accounting #student #accountant #banking #retail

2 answers

Mary’s Answer

Hi Wing It's great to read that you are bein proactive in your career goals. Yes, any opportunity to increase your knowledge is wonderful. What I recommend is to take some time to do research in the field of accounting. Now that you are in your second year you are beginning to take some accounting classes and will get a better perspective of what excites you in the classes. As the other answerer stated preparing to get a masters is beneficial in the career path. Reach out to Accounting organizations such as http://aaahq.org/, http://www.aicpa.org/, http://www.nsacct.org/ They will have some great tips for colleges students and if needed scholarships. Find your passion and apply accounting to it!!! #professor #accounting #student #accountant #banking #retail

Katherine’s Answer

Updated Charlotte, North Carolina

Yes, I always think that upgrading yourself is a good thing. You want to be as unique as you can be in a competitive job market. I would also look into a Masters in Accounting, it will make getting your CPA much easier because you can take the test right after graduate school.