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Is there any jobs for Chartered accountants in DELL ?

i am studying 2nd PUC, i wanted to do chartered accountant, i like to be part of DELL, so is there any job opportunities for Chartered accountants
i can approach in future for DELL #accounting #job-search #accountant #employment #job-market #business-law #job-fairs #account

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2 answers

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Sathyanarayanan’s Answer

Yes there are jobs for Chartered Accountants in many domains, but mainly in Finance. You're welcome to apply to Dell!

Thank you sir... harshitha N.

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Jess’s Answer

I would start by searching the Dell careers website https://jobs.dell.com/. You can also search for Dell employees particularly recruiters on LinkedIn and connect with them there. DELL would be a great company to work for! Goodluck!

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