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Post college, what are some things that need to be considered when looking for jobs?

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I want to know some good things to consider when looking and interviewing for jobs after college. #job #job-search #job-market #job-fairs

2 answers

Emmaline’s Answer

Hi Laurel! First off, good luck looking for jobs! I recommend considering: 1) Is this company/organization something you feel comfortable working for? 2) Will you be able to use and develop new skills in this role? 3) How do you feel about the hiring manager? A good manager is far (IMO) more important than a good salary - a high % burnout with bad managers (and a good manager can also help you get promoted more quickly!) You don't need to get the "perfect" job right now, but hopefully you can find something that pays you a fair wage and gives you opportunities to develop skills / learn about other roles. Most people nowadays end up doing more roles, so try not to feel stuck. Your first job doesn't define you, or your career, so as long as you can spin it and develop.
Your answer is great Emmaline, thanks so much for sharing your expertise! At this moment there are more than 800 unanswered questions so I wanted to encourage you to keep going! So many students will benefit tremendously from hearing from you. Keep up the great work!

Kim’s Answer


well, let's see.

commute time and distance. I read somewhere that you should count all the hours from the time you leave your house until the time you get home, when calculating your hourly rate.

benefits: medical insurance, 401K matching contribution.

training, turnover, opportunity for advancement, what other employees say about it on sites like Glassdoor.

If you can visualize yourself doing that job in that environment for that company.

Will lit help you get to where you want to go, even if it is not all that great?