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Laurel May 22, 2016 1139 views

Post college, what are some things that need to be considered when looking for jobs?

I want to know some good things to consider when looking and interviewing for jobs after college. #job #job-search #job-market #job-fairs

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Munirat Sep 27, 2019 360 views

I don’t know which to choose , in Fullerton they offer communication in Entertainment and Tourism while in Los Angeles (CalState) offer Public Administration, the problem is I’m not into Fullerton but I like the course and I love Los Angeles but I don’t like the course that much , please I would like to know which of the courses have more advantage in getting a good job internationally and has wide range of advantages..??thank you

#career #professional #masters

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Heaven Oct 30, 2019 371 views

How do people advance in this field

I would love to work with people who likes their #job and that are very respectful

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Kiana Nov 04, 2019 513 views

What are questions I should ask in an interview if I am applying to be a flight attendant?

job application #job-application #interviews #job #career #experience