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I want to work for a non profit helping humans with illness mostly mental and help animals what should I major in?

I love everything, i want to work for a non profit helping people and animals and also educating them and therapy idk what to major in, i love teaching in third world countries, i love cultures traveled the work i speak 4 languages i love government and UN stuff, i also love bio and science and helping animals, and i love talking and debate (and the arts like painting). I know i want to work for a non profit and make a different but idk what to major in... #biology #therapy #nonprofits #it-management #united-nations

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2 answers

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Kate’s Answer

Hi Alexia,

Great question! It's awesome you have so many interests. My advice is to major in whatever you most enjoy, and focus on getting nonprofit intern or volunteer experience during your college years. You can find paid and unpaid opportunities at nonprofits using idealist.org. One useful way to think about potential future nonprofit jobs is to search for organizations you're interested in and look at what types of jobs are currently offered. Even if they aren't jobs you'd be qualified for immediately after college, they might be good jobs for you in the future, and it's good to get a sense of what types of positions are out there.

If you have expertise in a subject area you care about, that will be helpful to you in getting a nonprofit job focused in that area. However, if you gain some nonprofit experience, you will be poised to get an entry-level job at a nonprofit even if you don't have subject matter expertise in that particular area. If you think that there is a high likelihood that you may want to work at a nonprofit in a particular field which is not your major, it's good to do some volunteer work, join a related school club, or otherwise stay engaged with that area. When you write a cover letter to apply to a nonprofit, you'll want to highlight your interest and experience in the area of their mission.

Good luck!


thank you very much Abinaya S.

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Yvonne’s Answer

Hi Alexia,

As someone who has worked for nonprofits I can assure you it is a very meaningful career-path. You will be doing work that makes a real difference. This is important as pay levels for nonprofits is generally lower than in the corporate world. Many colleges have majors in nonprofit management or human services administration. You should also start doing volunteer work with nonprofits in areas you are most interested in. This will help you focus which area you are must passionate about.

Always be open, curious and focus on new experiences. Also remember you don't have to pick one path. Over my career I have worked in the medical field, taught at health sciences college, worked as a fundraiser for non-profits and then began working in private and corporate philanthropy. The most important factor in your decisions should be to always do work you enjoy and are passionate about!

Good luck! I know you will do great things, Yvonne