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Where can i Expect to find the most opportunities for a forensic chemistry degree?

I live in Texas and I know the demand for science degrees are low, but I would like to know, if not in Texas, where is the biggest demand for those working in my degree plan. that way I can start thinking of places I need to go after graduation. #science #chemistry #forensic #masters #women #working

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2 answers

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Vernon’s Answer

I taught science in high school in Texas. I taught AP Physics and AP Biology. My first piece of advice is to get out of Texas for a good science education, you know, the one you didn't get in high school. In view of the mindless prejudice against science in general, and modern biological science in particular, I suggest further that you move to a state that doesn't promote ignorance by dressing it in religious garb or its backward politics. Ohio, for example, has many, many universities and colleges that have exceptional science programs. It is relatively cheap to live there and the once you're a resident, the fees are much less expensive than in, say, California or Oregon.

Good luck and start packing. While you're getting that superb science education, start looking for internships in the fields you find most interesting. They will not only help shape your curriculum, but add contacts to your files for job searches.


Vern Turner

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Valerie’s Answer


I would talk to your school councilor and have them review job boards and other options. There are opportunities everywhere. Texas hires a lot of forensics positions in the Houston metro area. One place I look that lets me know areas that are hiring for a particular field is Indeed.com. Just enter the word forensics and a list will show that can be filtered farther.

Good Luck with your career choice