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can you help find a volunteering or an internship opportunity ?

i am a potential computer science student .looking for an internship or volunteering opportunity that will allow me to utilize my problem solving skills and attention to detail to further develop my abilities in the field of computer science.
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9 answers

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John’s Answer

GREAT Question Moayad.

For all of use who are willing to lend a helping hand, below are some websites were volunteers can go to help.

Is the most effective way to recruit highly qualified volunteers for your nonprofit. They offer creative, impactful and inspiring ways for people to take action and engage in their communities.

The Points of Light Global Network includes innovative volunteer-mobilizing organizations who serve more than 250 cities across 37 countries around the world.

Has several family friendly options to give back to our troops and veterans. Some involve joining a virtual team to write letters, send cards or bake treats to send to soldiers.

The Red Cross needs digital volunteers to monitor online discussions to find people who need help, and to share important updates on social media. If you are active on Facebook and/or Twitter, this could be a great opportunity for you. 

If you’re passionate about education and interested in history, the Smithsonian Institute has some great opportunities. Virtual volunteers help with two main projects: transcribing historical documents and updating relevant Wikipedia pages.


Internship in Canada program offers comprehensive professional development and cultural immersion spanning all career fields with a range of leading companies and organizations.

Along the way, our interns learn skills with software/electronic engineering debugging, design, innovation and even some mechanical engineering.

Computer science internships abroad are the perfect way for students to break into the field and learn how other countries and cultures use technology to improve their daily lives.

Microsoft Vancouver for an internship like no other. This intensive program centers on building apps for Microsoft’s newest and most exciting platforms and devices.

With a computer science internship, you’ll be wired for career success. Computer science interns complement their coursework with real-world experience, gaining exposure to software coding and development and becoming familiar with the business world.

Was this Helpful Moayad.

Thank You Ignacio. “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — William Shakespeare John Frick

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Scott’s Answer

Good for you for wanting to give back and volunteer! The world needs more giving and caring folks like you. From my experience, the world of software provides a wide range of opportunities to help others.

A general suggestion is to get involved with open source projects. A couple of good places to find these are on code repository sites, such as GitHub or GitLab. That can be a pretty daunting suggestion, as there are countless projects and getting involved can be intimidating. I got started by making a small change to the documentation of a project I enjoyed using. I've never forget that feeling when my first contribution was accepted.

Some projects are extremely well organized, and even provide tags on their issues. For projects that do use tagging, I recommend looking for something like, "good first issue". These are issues that provide a nice way for getting involved with the project. A good example of a project that does this. is GatsbyJS. Here is an example of their good first issues.

There are also organizations like that match up developers with non-profit projects looking for engineering help. I haven't used it myself, but it looks like a great service.

givecamp runs hackathon style events where teams build applications for charities. I'm not sure how they'll operate during quarantine, but they're a good organization to keep an eye on.

And, finally, If you like teaching there are a couple of places to teach programming to kids. I recommend looking at They have opportunities to get involved as a volunteer to teach kids about coding. Also, CoderDojo is an organization that supports programming clubs for young people. Getting involved and teaching what you know to others is a great way to build your skillset and give back.

Those are some of my thoughts. Hope that helps.
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Cynthia’s Answer

Hi there,
Congrats in wishing for a volunteering or internship opportunity aka apprenticeship.
I have noticed you are in Canada.
From the side of UK (England); I was just last night viewing apprenticeships for people wishing to embark on these.
The UK government luckily has a whole website dedicated to apprenticeships.
I am recommending these from age 16 onward because if you have the GCSEs and you know this is the area you want to be in and you want to start earning or getting the skills NOW, I think this is a great way to go.
The companies advertise their apprenticeships openings on the UK government website. They list the following things:
Time duration ie 1 year
Rate of Pay (or not)
Personal charactaristics
School requirements, ie GCSEs in Math and English with grades A-C
Location and about the company
when this apprenticeship is finished what this role may lead to.
Often they will pay your further degree OR give you most all the skills exposure you need to move on in this field.

Your area is of particular desirability - obviously - Computing!

Since you are in Canada, and because we don't know your age;
Perhaps you can work with parents, teachers, career counselor, friends etc to draft:

Your CV Resume, a portfolio of work, maybe on a website, and a covering letter.

You can then maybe narrow down say anywhere from 5 to 15 ideal places, companies you would like to volunteer intern or apprentice at (you can use all of these terms).

Literally send them off to all the HR / Recruiters, any divisions that deal with interns/volunteers/apprentices that you found out their contacts to by research or phoning up the company.

Explain in your covering letter and on an 'About Me' page on your website:
All your attributes:
Your grades
any experience so far
your location
hours of availability and how you would get your transport there.
Tell the company what you can do for them and what you can bring to the table
It can help to have already written out letters of recommendation - or a list of references ready.

These things can be a game of numbers; the more you send out the more chance you are to get one.

I hope you can do this and succeed!
Let me know if you have any further questions
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Alex’s Answer

Hi Moyad,

I would recommend looking for technical internships offered by a variety of startup companies. Y Combinator is a very well known startup incubator that organizes internship programs for its companies (my company, PagerDuty, is a Y Combinator company). Here's a handy link to learn more about open internship opportunities:

The great thing about doing an internship for a startup is that it's a smaller company, so you'll tend to learn a lot and have a bigger impact than you would at a large tech company.

Hope that helps!

Alex recommends the following next steps:

Review the list of internship opportunities here:

Thank you so much Alex. M A.

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Kara’s Answer

That's a great question! In addition to what others have mentioned, if you're unable to find an explicit "internship," what you can do is find other ways to continue learning and broadening your experience. Then, when you're recruiting for internships next year, you can show how you problem-solved and were able to continue growing during this time: "Companies weren't taking on summer interns, but I did the following to continue learning and grow my experience:......"

I don't know what is financially feasible for you, but there are a few options you could consider, in addition to the ideas already mentioned:
- Get some volunteer experience relevant to an industry you're interested in. This will give you more of an understanding of and appreciation for the 'end customer' when you go to work in that space.
- Contact folks at companies you're interested in and see if you can shadow one or more of their employees. You could do this for a bunch of companies and get a wide range of exposure to different workplaces! If you go this route, I would suggest waiting a bit closer to the summer to contact companies.
- Spend some time working on a self-created project. It doesn't have to be a "startup," per say... But you could do work on background research (e.g., explore different market opportunities or customer needs) and lay out the groundwork for a company/initiative you'd be interested in building some day. You could even go out and start a project or make an app for your community! Times like this are great for entrepreneurial spirit.
Again, these are all just ideas. What you get to tap into is "What am I really interested in learning and developing?" and then you can find a way to go do that without the pressure of a specific internship.
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Andrew’s Answer

Hi Moayad,

I would recommend checking out the resources below if you are interested in volunteer opportunities. Especially now with COVID-19, organizations need a lot more support and you can offer that virtually.

- Code for Fun -
- LinkedIn -
- FastForward -
- Volunteer Canada -

Some nonprofits might have more long-term technical projects that they need support with, so this would also be a great way to develop your computer science skills.

Good luck!
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Christina’s Answer

Hello Moayad!

Thank you so very much for providing the opportunity to assist. If you are looking for an internship and/or which will assist with a career in computer science, you could look to your local IT companies in your area to see what they offer. I see that you are in Quebec in which there is a company called Eaton Corporation in the area which would have such opportunities. Additionally, you could look into Cisco Systems Inc. to see what's offered as well. Perhaps you can reach out to the counselors at your high school or prospective college for guidance as many companies present their internships/volunteer opportunities as well. I open read various articles to understand who is thriving in the industry then conduct my own research on the company for potential opportunities. Hope this helps and I wish you all the best!

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Suprit’s Answer

Hi Moayad,
Since you are a "potential" computer science student, I would look at various IT startup companies that are looking to hire volunteers with not much technical requirements. Once you feel more comfortable with computer science and if you plan on going to school, you will get more opportunities directly from colleges, their internal jobs or their affiliates aswell.
Furthermore, you then have a solid resume to negotiate while applying for good IT company, depending upon your skills and experience.

Good Luck !
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Pro’s Answer is a great site for finding volunteer opportunities, and you could try to find internships.