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Alondra’s Avatar
Alondra Dec 12, 2021 785 views

After I get into colleges, how do I pick the best one for myself?

I'm a senior who just applied to colleges and I am now waiting for acceptance letters, #college #college-selection #college-admissions

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden Nov 07, 2021 1697 views

What is important on a resume?

I was wondering what are important things to be put on resumes and what things don't matter
#resume #job-application

Khristian’s Avatar
Khristian Sep 17, 2021 622 views

What would be good to write about on my resume?

#job-search #resume #job-application

Zeeshan’s Avatar
Zeeshan Dec 28, 2021 767 views

what should I include in the outline of a cover latter?

#resume #resume #coverlatter #job-search #business #internship #finance #job-application #job-application #collouge

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 26, 2016 3776 views

What questions do you recommend I ask in an interview?

I'm trying to prepare for an interview I have in a couple weeks for an internship at a tech company so i'm hoping to get some ideas of questions I should ask the interviewer. What are the best questions you've gotten from an interviewee? What are questions you've asked in an interview that went...

M’s Avatar
M May 07, 2020 907 views

can you help find a volunteering or an internship opportunity ?

i am a potential computer science student .looking for an internship or volunteering opportunity that will allow me to utilize my problem solving skills and attention to detail to further develop my abilities in the field of computer science. #internship #computer-science #computer #science...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Apr 16, 2020 959 views

How do you appropriately address a cover letter if you cannot find a specific individual?

#cover-letter #writing #resume

danieh’s Avatar
danieh May 03, 2020 1736 views

How can I make the best connections on linkedin as a high school student

I'm a 16-year-old high school student in grade 11, aspiring to pursue a future in the business industry. Subjects like economics, and information technology interest me and I hope to gain more knowledge in those areas. #business #technology #student #highschool #sfu #economics