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Biomedical engineering and Pre-med

Asked Converse, Texas

How difficult would it be to attempt to get into the Premed system at a college while also striving for a bachelors in bio medical engineering? Would it help my chances? #doctor #engineering #medical-school #biomedical #premed

2 answers

James’s Answer

Updated Round Rock, Texas

hi andy,

i graduated med school in 1993 and have been a family physician for 20 years.

there's really nothing unusual about your choice of college major in comparison to other med school applicants. generally there are lots of biology and chemistry majors but there are plenty of others. personally, i got a degree in business management.

so it really won't hurt or help your chances of getting into medical school.

on the other hand, there are certain required pre-medical courses as well as some recommended courses. most of those are included in the biology and chemistry degree paths. so it likely means that you'd be taking those courses as electives. sometimes that means taking a heavier load of classes. sometimes that means taking summer classes. sometimes that means graduating a semester or two late.

i agree with the previous respondent that you really should discuss this with your college's health professions counselor.

good luck!

Luis "Lou"’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida

A biomedical engineering degree qualifies you for Med school. You might just need to add a couple of microbiology and/or organic chemistry classes to your coursework. Talk to Med school counselor for more details.