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What Specialization within medicine pays the most

I want a career within the medical field but i don't know which one to choose because i'm more interested in which one pays more. Like if you were to be a psychologist or surgeon or regular doctor which one will pay more? #medicine #healthcare #health #career-choice #career-paths #career-options #compensation

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2 answers

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Joe’s Answer


The link below will direct you to the results of a recent physician salary survey that breaks down compensation by the types of medicine physicians practice. The survey provides data on starting salaries and compensation after multiple years of experience. On average, physicians within specialized fields of medicine (i.e., interventional cardiologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons) tend to receive higher compensation. However, many types of specialist positions often require years of additional training and are highly selective.



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Catherine’s Answer

Anesthetist, Cardiologist and Neurosurgeons are the ones that earn the most.