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How do I become a lawyer?

I want to become a lawyer and I am willing to work hard. #law #lawyer #legal #career #college #college-major #career #career-counseling

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The first step is to get an undergraduate degree. Additionally, prior to applying for law school, you need to take the LSATs. Good grades and a high LSAT score will help you get into law school. Law school is usually three years if you pursue it full-time. Some students may even choose to do a joint program, such as a joint JD and MBA, which may take four years or more. After law school, you have to take and pass the Bar exam. For example, if you want to practice in Massachusetts, you have to take the Massachusetts Bar exam to be admitted to practice in Massachusetts. If you want to practice in multiple jurisdictions, you will need to take the Bar Exam for the various states in which you wish to be admitted. After you take the Bar exam, it usually takes several months before knowing if you passed the exam. Once you pass and are sworn into the Bar, you are eligible to practice as an attorney.
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In the US, you have to get an undergraduate degree (usually 4 years) , then apply and be accepted at an accredited law school. The law program is usually about three years, then you have to take and pass the bar exam (usually another six months or so after graduation). Then you are eligible to work as a lawyer! You'll have an opportunity to explore different areas in your core law school classes, and you can take electives that interest you in other areas to see where you would like to concentrate. Hard work is definitely a requirement, and good grades really do count to get into school and have exposure to opportunities and internships. You will also need softer skills, like learning how to work with clients and opposing counsel, and many law schools also actively work to impart these skills to their students.
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