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How hard is a job and going to nursing school?

My grandmother is a RN and my mom is attending nursing school, how hard is it to keep a job during time being? They tell me how time consuming school is with rotations and studying but I need my job to be able to afford college. How intense is nursing school really? (I plan on being a cardiac nurse.) #nursing #nurse #cardiology

Hi Melanie, It is hard to keep a job and attend nursing school but if this is the only way you can pay to go to school then you have to do both. There are scholarships that are offered from non-profits and the nursing schools that you can look into and apply. Nursing school is very intense there is a lot of hours of studying with assignments, quizzes and exams. You have to also complete a lot of community service and clinical rotations. Even though it is very intense you get the opportunity to learn a lot about the field of Nursing with the different skills they do such as wound care. -Thank you, Aaron Aaron Chun

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2 answers

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phillip’s Answer

If you really want to be a nurse and worry about paying for, you can look into scholarships, financial aids are out there. You have to be proactive and search for them. You can get student loan to help pay for college and pay them back after school. If you become a nurse there are jobs all over the hospital for an RN especially, with a cardiac concentration. Good luck.

thank you good luck to all farheen B.

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Inderjeet’s Answer

Hi Mealanie,
I know when you going to start something it’s seems hard and difficult but when you start going in nursing schools I can say you don’t want to miss any classes. It’s happened with me also I had done Bsc. Nursing. When it’s my first day I m thinking it would be impossible for me however, it’s vice versa I found it more interesting and joyful moreover, you have internships in hospitals which will help you to be more confident. There are lot of financial institutes which give you student loan. So don’t think about that just focused on your aim and grab it.