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What motivates you wake up every morning and go out to do your job?

Asked Macon, Georgia

It's so many people that hate their jobs but they still go to work, and there are so many people that love what they do, so they get up every morning with a smile on their face. But why? #business #engineer #nurse #architect

3 answers

Donald’s Answer

Updated Paoli, Pennsylvania

Why do I go to work every day? Well, part of it involves the need for food, clothing and shelter....things we all need and even when we hate the work we do....these needs are powerful motivators.

Once those needs are fulfilled, then there are a whole bunch of motivators that help people get out of bed and get to work.

In my case, I don't have to do my job, I get to do my job....It's the challenge, to help, to influence, negotiate, and to interact with people; perhaps it's in an office, perhaps it's an industry. It's an opportunity to exercise your creativity, to learn new things to make a better world. The ability to touch other peoples lives, businesses and cultures.....to do something more than and bigger than just yourself!

Each day is a challenge in my working world and rarely are two days exactly alike. The accumulated experience you gain allows you to increase effectiveness, and hopefully, allows you to progress toward your personal and professional goals.

I tell people to enjoy the best times as they don't last forever and not to dwell on the bad times as they too will pass. Keeping focused on your goals helps carry you through the "not so pleasant" times. In a career, you will likely have many ups and downs.

If you don't have goals, if you are simply trading time for money, then you can expect to have a different work experience. You will have a job. And while many people enjoy having a job, I think true satisfaction comes from knowing where you're going, formulating plans to getting there and executing your plan.

If you don't know where you're going, any road gets you there.... and pick your road carefully as you're likely to be on it for a long time........hopefully you pick a career.........doing the work you enjoy, in a setting that helps you do the best work you're capable of and in the end, provides you with the satisfaction and rewards that move you and your family ahead.

Teresa’s Answer

Updated Memphis, Tennessee

Dear Kalia-
I heartily agree with Donald! My dad always said that if you find a job you LOVE then you don't really WORK a day in your life- I've been a nurse for 30 years and have loved it MOST of the time- There are always tough days, but the feeling that you are making a difference with your work is so important. The important thing is to find your passion-

I have 3 sons. My oldest son went to college to be a Chemical engineer because he liked Chemistry in high school- When he was a junior in college he realized this was not the right career path for him. Rather than just finishing and doing something he COULD do, he changed his major and is about to graduate with a degree in Finance- Which he really LOVES. I am so glad he didn't just accept the first path and finish just to get out, have a job that paid well, and then be miserable.

Find what you like, but be willing to change as you learn more about it- Most people work MOST of their lives- so you need to be happy in your job.

Best of luck to you! Teresa

Aimee’s Answer


My personal goals are my driving force. I cannot deny that if I didn't have to work to have a nice house, a nice car, my daughter in private school, fun vacations, boating, new running shoes every 2 months, etc.- I would not work. I could fill my days with running, yoga and giving my time to help those who are less fortunate. However, that is not the case. I have to work. When I was out of college I got a job in accounting, as that was what I studied- and that was what my parents guided me to do. You work for 40 years at the same company. What I found quickly was accounting was not for me- I discovered this my meeting and working with other people in the company. I expanded my horizons and learned what other did and in 18 months I approached the VP of Sales and asked him to give me a chance to sell for him in Latin America. I got the job and a more doors opened. Over the next few years I went from selling a product that was $1 per yard to working for a software company. (pay increase) :) Then I had another opportunity to work for a bigger software company and I took it. Through these first 10 years of my career I read a lot of books to figure out what I was good at and what I enjoyed doing- I found out quickly that they are one in the same. If you are good at something, or it comes naturally, then chances are you like doing it. I found my LOVE to be pre-sales. Pre-sales in technology is working with customers to understand their challenges and where they want to go, then preparing a meeting that can include demonstrations and presentations- what it is for me- is a way to solve problems, come up with thought provoking ideas that can help companies run better. I loved my job. Then my personal life changed- I wanted to have a family. I did not want to fly anymore. After 10 years flying 225K miles per year I was done. I was fortunate that along my pre-sales journey I met a lot of people within the company and made good friends. I had a create opportunity to get off the road so I could be at home every night- and this brought me back to my true love- ART. I am a creative person. I love to draw, paint, etc. I am now a storyteller- I tell stories through writing, pictures, videos, prezi, etc. I love my job so it is easy to get out of bed. However, my 5am runs are an even bigger motivator to get up and out of bed. The net of my story is- what motivates you changes as you evolve as a person. Be true to yourself, and be realistic- roam wasn't built in a day so it may take a while to get to a job where you really enjoy it, be patient and persistent.

Aimee recommends the following next steps:

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