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What would be a great tip on helping me succeed in Robotic Engineering?

I need help to succeed to robotic engineering when i grow up. #robotics-engineer #engineering #mechanical-engineering #science #college

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3 answers

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Ignacio’s Answer

Hey Bryan! how are you?!
If you want to succeed then, you have to succeed now. How are your school grades? your relationship with your professors and class peers? are you part of extra-curricular activities and volunteering events? Please, answer to yourself this questions. Get yourself involved, ask for help and, do your best.
About "robotics engineering"... get yourself a work place your. Talk to your professors and school teachers on how to do that. The most you get in touch with the actual work, the more you will be able to see if it fits for you.

Congratulations on taking steps forward to success!


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Vernon’s Answer

Do all the engineering stuff and computer programming languages that serve robots. Learn German. Move to Germany to seek your best job opportunity.

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Eric’s Answer


My biggest piece of advice would be to get as much hands-on work in robotics as you can. It's a very broad and open field, but the more work you can do in it to narrow down your interests and focus, the better. You can look for research opportunities, volunteering with FIRST Robotics, and pursue your own projects by tinkering with small introductory platforms like Arduino (microcontroller) or Raspberry Pi (mini computer) to get your hands dirty working and learning through experience.

I would also recommend reaching out to professionals in your areas of interest on LinkedIn. This can be very helpful to gain mentorship and will display an above and beyond interest in the field, which is what a lot of professors and potential employers look favorably on.

Hope this helps!