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What do I need to do right now dealing with sports to help me push to become a sports broadcaster?

What do i need to do right now dealing with sports to help me push to become a sports broadcaster.
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3 answers

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Anne S.’s Answer

I would say a passion for the subject matter, a solid education, and lots of drive. Many people believe the Television industry is easy and glamorous, when in fact, it is the opposite. Those that make it in this business go above and beyond to prove themselves at every level.

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Aaron’s Answer

If you mean becoming an on air talent, then go to journalism school. It is important to have correct grammar and syntax to have creatively noticed in broadcast journalism. A broadcaster is a writer coming up with creative content under short deadlines. ESPN's most successful talent/broadcast/journalist process a strong understanding of proper English to delivery their story.

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Barry’s Answer

Hi, Ahmad!

Thanks so much for checking in. I cannot see what your situation is and from where you are approaching a possible career in sports broadcasting. Nonetheless, there are several key elements you need for any career in media.

The first is a natural curiosity about people. It was back in the 1960s and 1970s that ABC had a weekly show called, “Wide World of Sports.” We here at ESPN, which absorbed ABC Sports in the 2000s, like to think we inherited WWOS’ legacy.

I bring that up because they needed to invent a way for viewers to care about the many esoteric events they showed (log rolling, motorcycle racing on ice, etc) that few people had ever seen or cared about.

The great folks at WWOS came up with a concept completely revolutionary at the time, but as basic as breathing today. Their philosophy was to tell stories about PEOPLE, not as much about scores and highlights. You might not know about a cliff diver in Acapulco, but if we tell you that he’s risking his life in the dangerous competition in order to finance his sister’s medical bills because she has cancer, then you might stick with that show for a few minutes to see how that guy does.

In addition to a natural curiosity, you have to make yourself (if you aren’t already) into a storyteller. There are many ways to tell stories - verbally, visually, with body language or other non-verbal communication... the way your dog or cat communicates with you. You have an ample number of people on whom to practice - family and friends. There’s also the mirror to whom to talk as well. If you’re not embarrassed talking to yourself in the mirror (which you will be at the start, but keep doing it), you’ll eventually become self-confident.

Notice, I really didn’t talk much about a knowledge of sports. Chances are, if you watch games, you are off to a good start already in that regard. Being involved in media has less to do with an initial knowledge base and more to do with how willing/hungry you are to learn the facts of a story and then report that story. The content (your favorite sport vs a news topic that doesn’t interest you) will merely provide the extra motivation. The process remains the same.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to reach out anytime, and best of luck to you!!

Barry Abrams