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Ahmad L. May 17, 2016 686 views
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Wesley J. May 21, 2016 481 views

What are the most important classes to take while trying to obtain a mass communication degree?

i am a student who is a mass communication major trying to understand what courses i should take. #broadcast-media...


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Dan A. Aug 16, 2016 588 views

What to study or do over the summer for a DJ-tech radio person?

What do you suggest a high-school student do over the summer to increase their chances for being selected out of a large pool of other applicants for a job as a radio board runner for a morning show? #broadcast-media #radio #radio-broadcasting...


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Muthuveera M. Aug 17, 2016 1342 views

What's the most stable job with a good income in the media field?

I'm a high school senior whose always been interested in working in broadcasting, but am very scared that I might not make the correct decision. #broadcast-media #broadcast-journalism #broadcast-television #broadcast...