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How do I make the best impression on an interview for a film internship?

I really want to get hands on experience in the film industry, so I want to know what they are really looking for and how to stand out. #july #july20 #film #internship

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6 answers

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Aubrey’s Answer

The film industry is a very tough beast sometimes - and thats me being real. Like others have mentioned here you must be authentic. As this is very true and you should never sway from that, you also need to set yourself apart. I have had experience in Hollywood, my father is in the music industry, and I work in Entertainment/Tourism.

Ill say it again - it is a tough career path to take - but NOT impossible by any means. If you're in college get involved in any film clubs or acting clubs there might be, anything in the arts that you can be apart of and gain experience - do it. It's also about who you know, make connections, network when the opportunity comes up. Networking and experience will be the absolute biggest tool you can have in it.

From my personal experience working for a Public Relations firm in the heart of Hollywood, you cannot come in with just a desire to be involved in the films and have fun with it. It takes a lot of passion and desire, and knowledge. Study not only the history of film, but old films and actors and actresses who have made a dent in the industry from the beginning, not just someone currently famous.

Nothing is out of reach, but take some time and prepare yourself, have patience, and get involved!

Wow thank you sooo much! That was extremely helpful and I will definitely do those suggestions! Alliyah J.

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Lauren’s Answer

I agree with the others, be authentic and do as much research as possible! Also list some of your favorite films or what you’re currently watching on your resume. Once you land your film internship, it’s good to express your creative ideas as well. Depending on what part of the film industry you’re looking into (whether it’s writing, development or PA work) get in touch with local events and meetups (when these options become available of course). If you’re interested in writing, start working on some pieces. It’s also good to remember what makes you unique and stand out, this can help make you relatable more than you think. Write about your own story and who you are. Your unique perspective on life can be exactly what a development team or writing team can be looking for in the future.

Thank you! That was really good feedback! Alliyah J.

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Nadia’s Answer

Build your portfolio and post in online - it's a great way to stand out of the crowd and attract your audience, including potential employers. Of course, I don't mean preparing a full movie, but some short forms, interesting ideas or a unique approach. Once and when it's possible, try to attend local events related to making movies, even small the ones, to build your network as see what's going on in the industry.
Try to get in touch with people who actually handle roles that sound interesting for you and ask them questions. Remember to be specific and prepared - google basic information prior.

Thank you! This was very helpful! Alliyah J.

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Liza’s Answer

Research your favorite films - who were the writers, directors, cinematographers, editors? Learn about what other films they worked on and grow your knowledge of different parts of the industry so you can see what departments of filmmaking resonate with you the most. Everyone wants to direct - but what kind of stories do you want to tell and how would you look forward to telling them?

Also, make things! Write, if that's your thing, of make your own short films - documentary or fiction - just learn about what you like by doing it. I always think that the interns who are following their interests by making their own opportunities (ie - making short films with their phone and their friends) bring the hustle and work ethic that employers are seeking. You don't need to be an expert on the French New Wave... but you do need to show that you are eager to find ways to immerse yourself in film. And yes, that means willing to get the coffee. We all have to get the coffee at some point.

Thank you so much! I will definitely take those next steps! Alliyah J.

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Blake’s Answer

Hey Alliyah,

I don't have exactly what they are looking for in the film industry, but I do know how to help interviews go well. I would sum it up in one word, be authentic. Don't try to be someone that you are not, because it will be apparent. Always show up early for the interview as well as make eye contact when answering questions.


Thank you very much! Alliyah J.

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Katherine’s Answer

I agree with Blake! Definitely be authentic and project what you love most about film throughout the conversation. Your enthusiasm will show!

Thank you!! Alliyah J.