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Leslie’s Avatar
Leslie Nov 21, 2023 401 views

How do cosmologists keep businesses going ?

I know that being a cosmetologist itself is hard but what are the biggest struggles a cosmetologist faces in order to keep businesses going? I know that the most important thing a cosmetologist focuses on is customer satisfaction. However I wonder what other obstacles a cosmetologist faces in...

Samir’s Avatar
Samir Nov 22, 2023 593 views

What is the best online program for coding practice?

I would like to get into the coding/technology field so I would like to know where the best place to start learning is.

Danny’s Avatar
Danny Sep 20, 2023 670 views

Is coding enjoyable?

I know when it comes to learning it can be tough sometimes but what I want to know is at the end of the day, is coding an enjoyable experience for those that do it for a living?

Jocelynn’s Avatar
Jocelynn Sep 24, 2023 2936 views

What do i include in a cover letter?

I have no work experiance and no volenteer work so im not sure what to put or why a job should hire me

Scott’s Avatar
Scott Sep 24, 2023 1742 views

A teacher switching careers here! What are keywords, or specific careers, that a teacher can use to help navigate looking for work in the non-teaching education field?

I have 4+ years experience teaching within a K-2 classroom. I was a grade team leader for 1 of those years and currently an instructional grade team leader which means I'm in charge of the development of 2 teachers, as well as a classroom of students. I'm passionate about all things education...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Sep 25, 2023 207 views

What should I know about being a therapist or psychiatrist

I’m 16, I’ve wanted to be a therapist since I was 11. After having therapy myself I wanted to be able to help people like that. Know that even if they’re going through thought times I’m someone they can lean on. Even if they have no friends I would be there.

Gabby’s Avatar
Gabby Sep 25, 2023 270 views

I have all these questions, can you help me?

Why is it important to not use the exact same words on your resume, especially for different jobs you're applying to? and what would be the best way to keep searching for jobs after not getting hired for the first few times? What are some things to remember when being approached by an issue...

nataliya’s Avatar
nataliya Apr 27, 2023 449 views

Why is being a psychiatrist so mentally draining?

Why is being a psychiatrist so mentally draining? do you still have time for yourself and your family? I plan on majoring in psych and am afraid of this.

Lucion’s Avatar
Lucion May 01, 2023 318 views

Where should I start if I wanted to enter the IT field?

I'm curious about it for a career path but I really don't know where I'd start.

Josue’s Avatar
Josue May 01, 2023 459 views

In your opinion are leaders born or made?

Here is my opinion: Leaders can be both born and made, as some people have natural leadership qualities while others develop them through experience and training. But I would really love to hear your opinion.

Dulce’s Avatar
Dulce Apr 08, 2014 1180 views

What are the economical benefits of becoming a Psychologist?

I am interested in the field of Psychology but would like more information about how much money I can earn per year if I become a Psychologist. #psychology #career-paths

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 03, 2022 401 views

How do you become a stylist?

When I mean how do you become a stylist, I wondering what the qualifications are to become a stylist. I'm curious about what it takes to become either a fashion stylist or a hairstylist.

Helen’s Avatar
Helen Apr 03, 2022 534 views

Do you recommend students to double-major?

I have a career goal and know what my passion is but I’d also like to study something that I like at college (eg. design). What should I do?

isys’s Avatar
isys Apr 04, 2022 545 views

WHat types of jobs can i get with a economics major?

I want to major in psychology and minor in economics but im not sure what i can do with it

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Apr 04, 2022 410 views

What should I do if I am unsure about what I want to do in the future?

Although I have something I hope to do in the future, I am still uncertain if that is the career I want to choose.