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Should I pursue photography and other careers within the art industry or steer myself towards law, politics and sociology?

I am a student in the UK and I am an aspiring photographer, I also have interests in art and would like to venture into other careers of the art industry, such as illustration, graphic - design. However, I am unable to truly talk to photographers who are willing to take interns or have someone shadow them. I have contacted several and in the hope of receiving a response, yet I have not gained anything and have tried numerous times.
I also am currently in year 12 in UK education system doing my as exams, and US equivalent is grade 11; I'm intrigued by sociology and politics, and considering to venture into that side as well but I am unsure which one I should pursue as I have equal amounts of interest for both.
I am unsure on how I should approach Lawyers and ask for work experience or a few paid internship, the same goes for photography. #photography #graphics #illustrator #barrister #undecided

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3 answers

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Marc’s Answer


I'll speak to a few points in your inquiry . Please understand that most people that are successful commercial photographers have an undying passion to pursue photography and are usually only successful after years of apprenticing, assisting, working under other photographers and paying your dues. If you have equal feelings about other fields such as law you might consider making one your vocation and one your avocation.

Think about something for a minute: If you ask a photographer about becoming an assistant and expect to get paid -- what is it that you can offer the photographer if you have zero experience? A working photographer does not usually want someone without experience on his or her set as you represent a huge liability. You must receive an education in the field - wether that education is via university or trade school or working for a newspaper /magazine.

Photographers (as I'm sure you know) use very expensive equipment, work around very dangerous circumstances and have to please clients and subjects on their sets. If someone brings in a person without experience onto their set will you know about the proper use of hot lights, LEDs, strobe equipment, daylight balance colour chart calibration, how to digital tech, run down a cord that might be shorting out, the difference between medium format and 35mm? And the list of things you need to know goes on and on. If you are truly passionate and without eduction
you would already be Googling these questions to find the answers. If you are then great - you might have a future. If you don't know what these things are and are not interested in educating yourself - I suggest a different line of work.

I help everyone that comes to me looking for help but you have to really, really want to do this. Good Luck with your endeavors.


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Zaara’s Answer

Hi :)

Great for you to be clear on your passions!

I would say, don't give up. Most importantly DO YOUR OWN THING in photography and anything else. Take photos, Collage photos, type, create your own cool hand lettering style etc. Do what excites you! Have a website and be actively promote your own awesome and unique work on social media. Keep that up, do it for the joy it brings you. That will show in your work. Eventually people will notice you and it is a lot easier to get in into a conversation or be considered for internship if professionals see what you are about and that you have cool stuff to show. Everyone loves seeing or even discovering new, young talent.

It could also be really cool to fuse your interests. Sociology or law with photography? anything goes, make your own mix that nobody have thought of yet? Starts creating and watch the energy pick up! Just show up for yourself and your passion every day and share it with the world, connect with others who are on the same waive length. ENJOY! Best of luck!!!

Zaara ^..^

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Bob’s Answer

The choices that you have listed are VERY diverse, and the type and level of education that you will need will vary tremendously. Full time employment within the arts can be difficult to achieve and sustain until a solid reputation has been established. Where are your real interest? How long do you wish to devote to a formal education? How financially stable are you now? I would suggest talking to a counselor and maybe even spending some share time with professionals who work in the areas that you may be interested in entering at some point in the future.