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What career can I pursue with a Biomedicle Engineering degree?

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This degree is what I will be studying coming into college. I want to ask experts in the field what careers I can expect. I would also like Information on what the career entails and what level of degree is needed (masters doctorate).
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1 answer

Hussain’s Answer

Hi Karolena, I am not an expert in the field, but I can answer to the extent that I know. As far as I know, a Biomedical Engineering degree is a very strong degree at the time. This is due to the fact that medical devices are on the way to develop more and more, and biomedical engineers are experts in developing new machines for facilitating the treatment in hospitals. Regarding the master's degree or the doctorate degree, it is not a requirement for getting a well-paid job ($65,000/yr basic salary). However, a graduate degree help you understand what you are doing in more depth. It may increase your opportunities in one aspect, but limit them in another. Overall, it is up to you. If you need the money, then I would recommend getting a job and then deciding weather or not you are interested in more research. I hope this helps, and good luck in your career.