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Is it possible to get a good job in business without enrolling in a specialized business school/college of a university?

Asked Chicago, Illinois

I was rejected as a Ross pre-admit at the University of Michigan, so I started thinking about what would happen to me if I never got in, even for regular admission of Ross. I heard people who major in economics at LSA (the general studies college at UMich) are not nearly as successful as those at Ross, so I don't know if I should transfer out or change my major. #business #accounting #admissions

3 answers

Laura’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

There are always opportunities to work your way up. You could apply for an entry level position and see what areas interest you and possibly pursue an education after that. A solid education is always an asset for your career and demonstrates your ability to stick with a goal. There are so many educational opportunities out there. If you haven't yet been accepted to the school you were hoping for, it might be a chance for you to explore other options.

Alyssa’s Answer

Updated Ocala, Florida

I have been very successful with a generalist degree in business. It is always a combination of education and experience that will take you far. Also, remember that the statistics on how much people make from a particular school is based on averages. You will have some people not go in that field or decide to not enter the workforce after college that bring down that average.

Donald’s Answer

Updated Paoli, Pennsylvania

The school you attend is perhaps not as important as the important career skills you get to hone while you are there in an atmosphere where the consequences of errors may have less impact than at a real business. Over the years, I have hired many people and can honestly say, I cannot remember ever referring to what school someone attended except during the interview process. School offers you an opportunity to try different approaches to learning, to practice those which work for you and to fully develop the "box of intellectual tools" that hopefully will serve you well in whatever career you chose.

Can you be successful without that Ross MBA? Absolutely, there are many paths to success and while having a degree from a prestigious institution may get you in the door faster, newly hired employees at any firm get to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities very quickly. Your work habits, ability to adapt to your new environment and people will give you opportunities to "level" the playing field among others.

Over my career, I have worked up from entry level to the executive suite, worked internationally, managed an organization with over 3500 people, started my own business, and consulted with worldwide organizations. I am a High School graduate. My post (high school) education runs from Holyoke Community College to Harvard Business School and some of the best schools on the east coast including Penn State, George Washington University and Yale. Sounds good, but I never graduated with a degree. I have learned more from talented individuals, work, and life experience than anyone could have possibly taught me at “school”.

Albert Einstein said, "Education is what's left after you forgot everything you learned in school." Success is not a product of what school you attended...It is a product of who you are, how you work and of what you produce/deliver.

Good Luck,

Don Knapik

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