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How do I become a civil engineer?

Updated Providence, Rhode Island

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Tracy’s Answer

Updated North Brunswick Township, New Jersey
Hello Shaheen, Congrats on narrowing your career search to becoming a civil engineer. The field of civil engineering is very rewarding. Individuals help design and construct large structures and infrastructures like roads, water treatment plants and tunnels. Civil engineers design and oversee construction projects, like the building of roads and water supply systems. Source: https://learn.org/articles/Civil_Engineering_5_Steps_to_Becoming_a_Civil_Engineer.html The following steps are suggested: 1. If you are currently in high school you should enroll in advanced placement (AP) courses in physics, biology, chemistry, math and computer science. 2. Then you should look for accredited institutions on the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) website: www.abet.org to see programs that range from Associates, Bachelors and Masters programs. 3. However it is recommended that obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree program in four years can propel into a wonderful future. 4.Lastly, you will need to take a licensure exam in order operate in the public as a Professional Engineer (PE) . Their are two exams you will need to take. a. Taking the Fundamentals of Engineering exam after graduation. b. Then acquire four years of professional experience to be eligible for the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. Good luck! #civil-engineering #career-choice

DAVID’s Answer

Updated Saint Petersburg, Florida
1. get accepted by a college with a civil engineering program..study for 4 years...get a BS in Civil Engineering...research local state schools...visit...research engineering careers 2. prepare for college by preparing for SAT test..get good score 3. take HS chemistry, math including precalculus, biology and physics..get good GPA 4. take AP or IB high school courses over lower level courses your preparation at each step will get you to the next....not easy..lots of work..can be done

Peter’s Answer

Updated Kent, Washington
To become a Civil Engineer, you need to attend a 4-year college that offers a Civil Engineering degree. After that you typically work about 4 years under the supervision of other professional civil engineers. After 4 years, you are eligible to take the Professional Civil Engineers Exam. If you pass, you become a licensed professional civil engineer. Although not absolutely necessary, a civil engineers license is a good thing for an engineer to have. If you are still in high school, I recommend that you take 4 years of math, taking the highest level courses your high school offers. I also recommend you take 3 years of sciences, particularly Physics. Good Luck, Pete Sturtevant Licensed Professional Civil Engineer