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which is best college in bangalore to complete diploma?

i have completed 10th now i want to join diploma after diploma i want to become a engineer what are the steps i should follow #diploma #science #engineering #college #higher-education

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2 answers

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Tracy’s Answer

Congrats Ajith for narrowing your career search to becoming a great engineer. Here are some sources on the best colleges for engineering in Banglore, India:

1. Rexa University offering: Civil Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering & Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Source:http://reva.edu.in/

2. Presidency University offering: Civil Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering.

Good luck!

#college #engineering

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Naveen’s Answer

I see this is pretty old post, but I thought it’s good to reply for any other students who has similar type of question on their mind.

These are some of the Good colleges in Bangalore for pursuing Diploma.

1. M.N. Technical Institute which is located in Kammagondana Halli Main Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560015


3. PES Polytechnic

All this colleges has good variety of courses which you can opt in, of-course one should score good percentage in the class 10th to get into these colleges. I have my Friends who completed Diploma in Computer science and others Streams from above colleges.

They all scored very good in Diploma, which helped them to get into top colleges for Engineering.

All the best!

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