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How do I become a youtuber?

I want to be a great youtuber fun youtube social-media media

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3 answers

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Stefania’s Answer

To become a "YouTuber" you'll want to 1) watch and note what it is you like about other You Tubers videos and 2) Start making your own by finding a niche -- what is it that people would like that you can offer as an interesting and engaging series?

I would also really ask yourself, what is it about this area that appeals to you? Is it the creative thinking? The making of videos? Do you simply like social media? The idea of some visibility and publicity? What appeals to you? If you intend on following a career path, I would look into media and communications and social media would fall under this heading. And remember that there are many jobs that utilize social media out there -- social media managers, for instance, handle all the social media for their organizations.
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Simeon’s Answer

I'd start with big ideas and use a venn diagram, which is just two circles that share a third space between them. In one circle, put all of your interests and hobbies. In the other circle, write some topics that are popular and getting lots of attention right now. Try to look for topics that are shared between the two circles. You'll want to create videos that are related to those topics. If possible, I would start early and look for tips on video editing. If you are looking to do well on Youtube long-term, video editing will be one of the most important skills you can pick up.

Also, since you are looking to get started early enough, I would recommend trying to start multiple different channels that each have a unique and different flavor/identity and see which ones pick up steam. If you have channels that are not succeeding, I would recommend deleting the ones that are dying off and starting off new experiments to take their place. It's hard to know which videos will succeed until you try. You'll want to read all of the comments and respond to comments on your videos. Anything you can do to increase engagement on your videos will be important. Plus, Youtube will be more likely to recommend your videos to other people as you increase comments on your videos. Also, finding other Youtubers who are willing to point people to your videos will be important and they will likely want you to do the same for them in return.

If you do end up getting a successful following on Youtube, you will want to find a messaging service such as Discord where you can have a group chat going on with people who have connected with your videos. The most important key to building a Youtube channel is building a community of viewers that are excited about your content. Only then will you be able to get a following of people invested enough in your videos to financially contribute, which would likely occur through Patreon.
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Venkata Naga Rajesh’s Answer

Figure out why you want to be a youtuber first, what content you want to create and why?

Start off with what you want, share with your family and friends - seek feedback and improve. Taking a step forward is important, things will follow.

Good luck!!

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