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How vast is the overlap between a career as a translator and a career as an interpreter?

Asked Amityville, New York

At the moment I am studying Spanish Translation & Interpretation in undergraduate school. I adore reading and writing, but I also value the spoken and listening aspect of language as well, and therefore feel that I would be suited professionally not just for translation, but also for interpretation. Once I become a professional, would I be able to fluidly go between providing translation and interpretation services? Are there companies or jobs that would require both of me and therefore allow me that versatility, or would I have to have two different occupations in order to do both? If you are a translator and/or interpreter, which of the two do you prefer/find more fulfilling? Thanks so much! #spanish #translation #interpretation #interpreter #translator #translator-studies #spanish-translation

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Stefani’s Answer

Updated Tempe, Arizona

Translation on one hand and interpretation on the other are two completely different processes that require different skill sets. However, that does not mean they are mutually exclusive. Most of us will eventually choose between one or the other, but I know several skilled translators who also interpret (mostly consecutively). As long as you enjoy both there is nothing that should stop you from doing it. Especially as a freelancer, the more skills you have the more opportunities for job offers. And if you are working as an in-house language expert at a company you could translate documentation or software and also be called in to interpret for business negotiations.