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Hilmi Jan 16, 2018 388 views

In college, am I going to be able speak fluent?

I am international student in America, I studied English so much, and my speaking is not as good as my academic English. I want to be very fluent in English, people around me tell me that as I get to college, I will a lot of time to improve my speaking. Did anyone have experience like that?...

Lindsay’s Avatar
Lindsay May 19, 2016 1187 views

How vast is the overlap between a career as a translator and a career as an interpreter?

At the moment I am studying Spanish Translation & Interpretation in undergraduate school. I adore reading and writing, but I also value the spoken and listening aspect of language as well, and therefore feel that I would be suited professionally not just for translation, but also for...

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa May 14, 2016 940 views

How does one become an interpreter?

I'm really interested in becoming an interpreter for a company or something like that, I'm just not quite sure what I have to major in to be able to become one. I'm fluent in both Spanish and English and recently I've been learning Korean and Italian. Do I have to take business classes if I...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 15, 2016 1196 views

What are some tips on learning a language?

I am getting a french minor, but only taking an hour long class three times a week doesn't help me much with learning the language. Is there any tips y'all have? So far I've tried some apps, watching films in french to see how much I know, and adding some french words in my everyday life....

Shariel ’s Avatar
Shariel Mar 17, 2015 1122 views

What are some of the perks and downfalls of being a translator in the United States?

Hello! I am a high school senior, and I am planning on majoring in Spanish in college. My goal in life has always been to be a Spanish translator/interpreter. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who is in this specific career; therefore, I was wondering if anyone who is familiar with this...

Christy’s Avatar
Christy Feb 19, 2015 2620 views

What kind of jobs can i get with a major in french?

I am asking, because I am very good in french and would like to see where this could take me in the future.I was considering majoring in international relations and french. #international-affairs #french #global-issues

Shawn’s Avatar
Shawn Dec 17, 2014 1939 views

What is a good language to know/learn when looking to become a translator?

I am a senior in high school and I have been learning German and Japanese but I am having a hard time deciding what language I should start with that would benefit me most in my career plans. I have heard certain languages are in demand but I am not sure if i should learn them since they are...

Teal’s Avatar
Teal Apr 30, 2014 5247 views

If you don't know the language well, is studying abroad still a good idea?

I'm taking a beginners course in German, but do not really plan on studying it in college. I am interested in possibly studying abroad there as the culture interests me, so I was wondering if no knowing the language well/only knowing the very basics would be a reason to look into studying...

Cwilson13NFTEBOSS’s Avatar
Cwilson13NFTEBOSS Jan 19, 2012 5286 views

how do you stay motivated in your job?

iam in 11th grade and i want to know how to stay motivated because its hard for me to stay motivated. #motivation

Laetitia Tiani’s Avatar
Laetitia Tiani Mar 01, 2013 2848 views

Is it better to take a gap year before or after college for an international program?

I am a high school senior interested in international health care. I would love to take a gap year and travel to help in a developing nation. However, I am not sure if such experience is better after gaining more knowledge with my undergrad or now, fresh out of high school. The program is...

KrestanS_af13’s Avatar
KrestanS_af13 Mar 30, 2013 1402 views

What are any potential majors that someone can study in college that would set them up to "work for a government organization in international aid or development" or just internationally in general?

I am a senior in high school who wants to study some kind of international study in college. I know that I want to minor in religion but I am not sure what kind of major would be the most beneficial. #international #international-relations

KrestanS_af13’s Avatar
KrestanS_af13 Mar 27, 2013 4525 views

What kind of career can a person pursue if they want to work internationally?

I am a senior in high school who wants to work internationally when I get out of college. However, I'm not sure what kind of careers are out there that I can potentially pursue when I am out of college. #international #international-relations

John’s Avatar
John Oct 04, 2013 10160 views

Did your college help you a lot to get your first job?

Hi, My name is Annemarie and I am in highschool. I heard that colleges have job offices that help students get jobs, but they do not guarantee jobs. Some of my older cousins said that they didn't think their college was very helpful for getting a job. Did you get your first job from your...