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What are the benefits of getting a master's degree in Communications/Communication Studies?

Asked Carson, California

I plan on majoring in Communications and already plan on attending graduate school in the future as well, which is why I wanted to know if it's worth it. If you majored in this and have some advice on whether or not you enjoyed it, that would be greatly appreciated too :-) #graduate-school #major #communications #masters #degrees #benefits

4 answers

Lisa’s Answer

Updated Maplewood, New Jersey

Hmm. This is a good question. I would have to advise getting out there and getting some real work experience. A summer internship or co-op at least before graduating. There are many avenues to pursue with the general major of Communications. I think you can get your career started and then attend grad school part time of full time once you have a better idea of what your want to focus on. Digital media and interactive communications is a newly developed MA degree. I owned a Marketing & Communications staffing firm for years and have helped launch a number of Communications grads launch their careers in my private practice over the last 5 years. As of only 3 years ago, PR and Marketing firms were keen to hire new college grads based only on their personal experience w/ social media. By now, it has become an integral part of corporate and agency environments and they currently seek candidates with this experience. So, make sure you take some courses in this for your BA. You could also check out MA programs that teach Data Analytics as it relates web and social media strategy. These candidates are in demand right now. Feel free to contact directly if you'd like to discuss directly.

Sean’s Answer


For most writing/communications jobs, a master's degree won't help you be better prepared for the day-to-day tasks that you'll face. You'll likely learn a lot more through jobs and internships. I'd recommend getting more experience until you find a specific career course that you want to pursue. If that career course requires a master's degree, then you can choose a specific field of study (mass comms, comms tech, etc.). Getting a master's just to get it or to have another degree isn't a great idea in this field, as opposed to more STEAM-focused fields.

You'll also be better served getting your master's degree once you have an employer that will help subsidize the cost. In general, taking on personal debt for a master's degree in communications does not yield a good ROI.

Terri L.’s Answer

Updated Laurel, Maryland

In my experience I think you should develop a pretty good idea of what area of Communications you want to work in. I would agree with the previous writer, get some experience during your undergraduate studies. Once you have a better idea of what you want to do, then yes I would consider getting a graduate degree. For you edification as well as a boost to your resume.

My experience - I obtained my Bachelors degree, found a job, obtained a certificate or two as I worked out specific areas of interested, and then I went back to school to get a Masters degree.

Steph’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

I received a Master's Degree in Corporate Communications a couple of years after I was already working in the field. I took classes in the evenings and weekends so I wouldn't have to slow down my current job at the same time. I found it to be quite beneficial in the long run. I was able to make connections, build my network and learn new skills. it also led me to a role as an Adjunct Professor at the same University which was a side passion I didn't know I had. Having a connection to Academia, while also staying in the corporate world opens up new doors.