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When I am studying, and if I receive and internship, Is there any possible chances of pay? What specific skills should I keep in mind for my future career in nursing?

I am a sophomore, and I am truly dedicated to the idea of one day becoming a nurse, Doctor, or any kind of health professional. I want to be able to earn these chosen careers because my goal, dream is to be able to live a life of helping people. I want to ensure a safe and healthy world. My parents are a major inspiration for me, I have experiences there lovingness towards me and complete strangers. I want to model that and hopefully show the same to the people I help. I come from a complex background and now I just want to better myself and others. #doctor #nursing #pre-med #physician #surgeon #phd #masters-degree #associates-degree

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Although I am a nurse in the United States, I think it's not so very different where you live. If you can expose yourself to maths, specifically basic algebra, it will serve you very well as a nurse when you are performing drug calculations. A basic understanding in chemistry and cell biology also helps, as you will build on that knowledge when you are in nursing school learning about human physiology and pathophysiology. Believe it or not, some public speaking classes may help, as well. I can't tell you how many times I went into a patient's room to find the entire family needing me to explain a loved one's illness. It is not a bad idea to volunteer at a hospital, so you can accustom yourself to the flow and culture of the health field.
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