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Hi, what is the future of AI in renewable energy sector? What skills sets will be required to be relevent in this sector for comming decades?

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3 answers

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Anand’s Answer

Currently renewable energy is something which every country and every government is looking at and trying achieve greater heights there. This is in larger benefit of the society and human kind.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become important technology solutions as the industry is constantly looking for ways to cater to the rapidly increasing demand for clean, cheap, and reliable energy. These advanced technologies have the potential to analyze the past, optimize the present, and predict the future. This means that AI and ML have the potential to solve most of the challenges that currently prevail.

There are different kind of devices and sensory which has been used in current times and are there to accumulate large amount of data and information. With AI, this data can give excellent insight to the teams managing the same. Something like managing supply with demand etc. The advance load control system is another example of this which is used with large industrial furnaces and/or AC units.

Lot of issues related to power quality can be managed or resolved with AI powered control optimization because the distribution of energy goes through a broad acceptance of microgrids. Algorithms that are available due to AI can also help to improve system optimization as new devices and new generation sources are integrated.

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Ted’s Answer


AI will be an important factor in many industries in the future, including energy. As the amount of energy available for the world to consume starts to become limited, there will be a very important role for AI in determining the best ways and places to generate renewable energy, to store that energy and to deliver it to where it is needed.

Remember however that Artificial Intelligence, just like human intelligence, needs to learn. The most important skills for a career in AI in the renewable energy segment is knowledge of renewable energy. Good skills and knowledge in that segment will be a requirement for a successful career in AI related roles.

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Ketan’s Answer

Hi Ishita , With the use of renewable energy increasing day by day , we are looking at a reform of how much electricity are we allotted to use in most of the countries on daily basis and AI becomes a crucial component to achieve that. AI help predict forecast of requirements of electricity in the coming year which will help establish the correct infrastructure. AI is also being used to predict faults that could lead to potential blackouts before time.

Artificial Intelligence itself is a growing field which required minds like you to think where it can be applied and how it can make life easier and effecient. For the second part of your question ,start reading about the recent developments in the field as well as how the traditional methods were used ,then only you will be able to realize the depth of this field and develop an interest towrds it and could lead to many new developments in any sector you work in.