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Ted Streete

Distinguished Engineer, Office of the CTO, CPSD
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
California, California
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Hank’s Avatar
Hank May 07, 2016 797 views

I have a tough time deciding between civil engineering and computer science, what are some factors I should consider?

Going to college next year I'm not exactly sure which major would be a better fit for me, both fields seem very interesting. #science #engineer #computer

Ishita’s Avatar
Ishita Jul 20, 2020 667 views

Hi, what is the future of AI in renewable energy sector? What skills sets will be required to be relevent in this sector for comming decades?

#engineer #engineering #Co generation #mechanical-engineering #energy Management.

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Oct 24, 2016 986 views

How hard is it to find a job with a Computer Science degree?

I aspire to get a degree in this field and wanted to get some opinions. #computer-science

Rahma’s Avatar
Rahma Feb 06, 2017 992 views

Is computer engineering a better career or Dentistry?

I am almost a UNiveristy student and i dont know what to choose #professional #university #computer-engineering #dentistry