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What is good advice to get prepared for Teacher Certification Exams?

I am currently studying an undergraduate degree on Middle School Education in Texas. Although I am about to start my second year of college, I will be graduating earlier than usual and would like to start getting prepared for the certification tests. I am kind of concerned since I am an international student from Mexico and I am not yet 100% familiarized with the American education system, and I think it would be key to perform better on the tests.
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6 answers

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Krystal’s Answer

I would definitely find a nearby school system and become a substitute teacher. That will give you the environment and hands on of the classroom etiquette. Substituting, is part time ...you only work if you want - so that it doesn’t interfere with school.

I would also brush up on your basic exams skills. I’m not sure how Texas does it, but Georgia requires we take entrance exams. You may not have to, and in this case, study whatever content you want to teach (SS, Math, Science, etc.) If you are gonna be a career tech teacher, study that particular subject in advance.

Go to a middle school and ask to volunteer, if you decide not to be a substitute teacher. I recommend the substitute teaching so you know the schedule, how things work, network with other teachers and you also make $$$ while doing it.

Good luck hun. I’m almost done with certification. I have completed all my courses and anticipating the final exams .

If you have any questions, let me know. I would love to help!

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naveen’s Answer

It could take from four to six years to become a teacher depending on where you complete your Education degree. The following steps will give you a clear picture to proceed further,
1. Earn a bachelor's degree in elementary education.
2. Complete an internship in an elementary school classroom.
3. Take your state's licensing exams for elementary teachers.
4. Apply for a license through your state board of education.
5. Once you have received your license, begin applying for open positions.

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Simeon’s Answer

I would recommend taking a look at the free app Quizlet. They have material on most courses/tests I've looked up and they should have material on the Texas teacher certification exams as well. Make sure to look up the TEKS for the subjects you're testing on as they will give you a better idea of what you should be studying.

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Jane’s Answer

Certification exams differ from state to state. Each state is in charge of certifying their own teachers. Perhaps the State Department of Education can give you some guidelines, the Texas State Department of Education, that is.

Are you planning to stay here or return to Mexico when you graduate?

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Practice on old tests. One of the best approaches to plan for tests is to work on taking past forms. This encourages you to become accustomed to the organization of the inquiries, and - in the event that you time yourself - can likewise be an acceptable practice for ensuring you invest the perfect measure of energy in each part.

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Chauntia’s Answer

Hello! It varies from state to state. When I taught in Tennessee, I had to take 5 different types of test to be certified in grades K-6. Here is the information that I found about certification in Texas. Follow the link and it is detailed about testing.