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How could I incorporate the progressively expanding world of technology into an Recreation and Leisure Services based career?

Asked Metter, Georgia

I am an Outdoor Recreation major. Right now in class, we are heavily debating the fight against technology and outdoor services. I believe that electronic technology is something that we can no longer "fight," but rather embrace and use it to promote other existing aspects of life. What techniques would you suggest for accepting technology into outdoor settings, without taking away from the experience? #psychology #tech #event-planning #planning #outdoor-recreation #sport-psychology #tech-pr

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Hayley’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

There is a lot you can do and I think you're onto something- the technology isn't going away.

Here's the good thing, technology isn't going to change the behavior of the people visiting parks and the outdoors- it will only amplify what they are already doing (check out Kentaro Toyama's philosophy on the Law of Amplification). And there are plenty of technologies which will not obstruct the environment.

In terms of what you could do...the possibilities are endless. I would start by looking at digitally savvy outdoor brands like Tentree and Patagonia. For example, TenTree is an outdoor fashion apparel company based out of Canada. For every piece of clothing you buy, they plant ten trees (hence the name). When you receive the package, each item of clothing has a special token with your trees #s engraved. You can then visit their website to see where your trees have been planted around the world. Wouldn't it be cool if I could walk through the forest on a path and then see where my trees are planted? And couldn't something like this be an excellent way to raise money for an outdoor nonprofit? Technology can serve to strengthen and personalize our relationships with nature.