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What is the best way to determine if the major you picked is best for you?

I've known for a very long time that going into the art field is what I wanted to do. But it seems that everytime I think about pursuing my dream of graphic design, I get very nervous that I won't be able to get a job or I will be struggling as my career evolves and I will have to switch careers. The best way to put this question is, is how to know you won't want to change your career after putting so much money into schooling? Thank you! #art #communications #graphic-design #arts #graphics

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3 answers

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Samady’s Answer

There will be jobs, just try to get an internship or do some work with your school. Get as much experience as you can.
I've actually went into game art hoping to make video games, but the industry has so much competition. I'm actually now an graphic artist. Who would of known. Who knows maybe one day I'll get into the gaming industry. The art field is always changing, new skills and programs will obsolete. But for now I'm still working with art. It took me about year to get into, and with experience I'm sure I'll be on my way. But if your heart set on it, don't give yourself any excuses. Just keep pushing. That is what I'm doing slowly but surely, you'll be where you want to be.

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Cuong’s Answer

Well, being a graphic designer, there are always jobs for graphic designers around the world. We use ads, posters, banners, and pretty much anything paper-related. It depends where do you want to work at, if that's what you worrying about. If you want to live in a city and have a designer job, best thing for someone who doesn't have any work experience during school, internships and assistant jobs are the assistance to getting a real job.

It is scary that after graduating that you are dreading over job hunting, everyone is always nervous and scare of job hunting and interviews.

But if you worked prior before applying, it helps a lot even if you're dead nervous.

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Zaara’s Answer

Hi :)

The best way would be to check in with yourself and see if in your heart of hearts how you feel about becoming a designer. Are you totally into it? If that is the case then go ahead and pursue your dream. Go for it with all your might. Such passion will bring its rewards and you will be happy with your job every day. no matter what life brings you will be ok. Even if you will have to make the change what you have learnt will serve you in your next adventure. Education will shape who you are and is never lost in my opinion.